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My Organization Doesn’t Have a ProcureLinx Pro™ Account. How Do I Set One Up?

If your Organization does not have a ProcureLinx Pro™ account, you must set one up. To do that, go to ProcureLinx Pro™ , and on the Log in screen, click on Purchase Licenses:

  Login Screen

You will be taken to a Purchase Licenses screen where you will enter and confirm the Quantity of CPSR Basic and CPSR Power Licenses your Organization wants to initially purchase, as well as required Organization & Primary Contact, Billing Contact, and Payment Details information:

 Purchase Licenses page 

Users assigned a CPSR Basic license may perform file reviews and will have limited report views. Users assigned a CPSR Power license can do everything that a user with a CPSR Basic license can do, plus have the ability to approve reviews and to view Findings reports for any users who are generating or performing reviews within their chain of authority. You must initially purchase at least one CPSR Power license.

Upon successful completion of your Organization’s license purchase transaction, an administrator user account will automatically be created for your Primary Contact, with one CPSR Power license assigned to it. The system will generate a temporary password and send it to the Primary Contact via email. (Both the Primary Contact and Billing Contact will receive emails confirming the initial license purchase.) The Primary Contact must log in to ProcureLinx Pro™ for the first time and change their password. Once that is done, the Primary Contact, as an administrator, can set up new user accounts and assign these users CPSR Basic or CPSR Power licenses.