Product Support

How does a ProcureLinx Pro™ review work?

ProcureLinx Pro™ applies threshold rules to every review (based on both public law and regulatory requirements and industry "best practices" for thresholds not based on either), which suggest required documentation based on the type of procurement being reviewed.

For example: During audit of a noncommercial noncompetitive procurement with a total anticipated value exceeding $700,000.00 to a large business, ProcureLinx Pro™ will suggest review for FAR 52.219-9 (Small Business Subcontracting Plan), 52.215-12 (Subcontractor Certified Cost or Pricing Data), and 52.230-2 (Cost Accounting Standards) Documentation; while a procurement of the same value awarded to a Small Business on a commercial item basis would not suggest review for any such documentation.

ProcureLinx Pro™ also includes a “Terminology Help” feature for every element of a CPSR compliant file review from Accounting System Adequacy Determinations to Vendor Ratings. “Terminology Help” can be accessed by gliding your mouse over the "?"  next to any tracking form term. Terminology Help includes information on thresholds for applicability; a description of the document; and audit tips to facilitate effective review.