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How Do I Set Up Users and Licenses for My Organization?

You must be an Administrator to be able to set up user accounts and assign licenses. Before you start creating user accounts in ProcureLinx Pro™ and assigning licenses for your organization, first make a simple diagram of your organization’s current review and approval groups.  This diagram will help you set up user accounts and assign each user a license based on what they will be doing in the review process.

For example, here is a diagram for an organization with  two review/approval groups, each with three file reviewers and one approval manager who has authority to approve/disapprove reviews performed by their group.  Both approval managers, in turn, report to an upper-level manager who can approve or disapprove reviews performed by either group.

approval chain


For this organization, nine user accounts would be set up, with Reviewers 1-3 reporting to Approval Manager 1, Reviewers 4-6 reporting to Approval Manager 2, and both Approval Managers reporting to the Upper Level Manager. The six Reviewers would be assigned CPSR Basic licenses, while the three Managers would be assigned CPSR Power licenses since they would be approving reviews.

For your organization, log into ProcureLinx Pro™ using your email address and password. To set up a new user account, select Create a User from the MANAGE ORGANIZATION dropdown menu (or create users from the Manage Organization selection box) on any screen:


  my open items

A Create User screen will display:


Enter the new user’s Name, Email, and optionally Phone. If applicable, specify who the user Reports To when performing file reviews. (From the diagram above, Reviewers 1-3 would report to Approval Manager 1, Reviewers 4-6 would report to Approval Manager 2; both Approval Managers would report to the Upper Level Manager; and the Upper Level Manager would not report to anyone.) Assign the user a License Type according to what they will be doing in your organization’s file review/approval process: Power User, Basic User, or None. A Basic User license permits a user to perform reviews and to access Summary and Dashboard Reports. A  Power User license permits a user to do everything a Basic User license can do as well as approve/disapprove reviews and view Findings Reports. If you leave the License Type for this new user set to the default value of None, this user will be able to log into ProcureLinx Pro™, but they will not be able to perform any reviews or view any reports. You can assign this user a Basic User or Power User license at a later time. (From the diagram above, the three Managers would be assigned Power User licenses while the six Reviewers would be assigned Basic User licenses.)

Leave the value of Is Administrator? set to No unless you want this new user also to have Administrator rights and be able to manage user accounts and licenses.

Press Create. Thesystem will set up the new user’s account, generate a temporary password and send it to the new user’s email address. The new user must log into ProcureLinx Pro™ for the first time and change their password. Once that is done, the new user may begin using ProcureLinx Pro™ to manage reviews.